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RC Edition | Dude Perfect

RC cars are fun.

“Note: For this hydroplaning run we used a stock Slash 4X4 with Traxxas Stability Management and included optional high-speed gearing with a Traxxas Power Cell 3s LiPo. We installed aftermarket paddle tires to propel across the water. We also secured pre-cut foam noodle sections for flotation – just in case. Vehicles shown are being operated by professional drivers in a controlled environment. For the safety of users, others, and the product, please do not imitate the maneuvers performed in this video.” -Traxxas

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RC Car Burnout Ends In Flames

RC Car Burnout Ends In Flames

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Here, my Audi TT does a big burnout, then blows its motor. Do not attempt this yourself.

Exceed RC Brushless Drift Star Rc Drift Cars

Exceed RC Brushless Drift Star Rc Drift Cars

Part II:

Drifters: Jon, Philip, & Anthony
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Imagine entering a tight corner at a speed normally reserved for cruising only on freeways. As the vehicle loses its ability to adhere to the ground, you flick the sterring wheel, sliding the tail out. Smoothly applying throttle and countersteer, your vehicle tightly clips the apex of the corner in a controlled sliding motion, while maintaining speed throughout the corner for a fast exit to the next corner. While almost impossible to perform by most drivers, experienced Drift experts can slide highly modified cars with high horsepower engines and aggressive aero packages around almost any corner in a controlled fashion. In Japan, this display of controlled tail sliding has originated as a dangerous street sport, gradually evolving in a competitive sport held only on special tracks. While Drift competitions are rare outside of Japan, it is rapidly growing in both exposure and popularity.

PLAYTIME AT THE PARK Disney Pixar Cars Power Wheels GIANT RC MONSTER TRUCK Car Giant Egg Surprise

PLAYTIME AT THE PARK Disney Pixar Cars Power Wheels GIANT RC MONSTER TRUCK Car Giant Egg Surprise

Family FUN Playtime at the park with Disney Pixar Cars Power Wheels Francesco race car with GIANT RC Monster Truck toy cars for kids and opening a giant egg surprise! Evan is dressed up as Superhero Batman and is having some playground family fun at the park! Awesome playground fun video for kids with the giant remote control and racing a power wheels Disney Cars Movie character Francesco Bernoulli ride on car! We also had a Minions movie minion toy on the monster truck RC car! Evan is also playing with Tow Mater car! He was also opening a giant eggs surprise tow mater with kinder surprise egg inside and a tow mater toy fan as well as a Thomas and Friends minis blind bag! We also flew a GIANT RC Remote Control Helicopter at the park! Subscribe to Awesome Toy & Surprise Eggs Collector for more giant egg surprise videos and playground fun!

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Videos Playlist

Super Mega Giant Golden Surprise Egg Batman VS Joker Superhero Battle with Batman Toys Worlds BIGGEST SURPRISE EGG!

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Paw Patrol Super Mega Giant Surprise Egg with Paw Patrol Toys

Super Mega Giant Egg Surprise Spiderman Egg Opening Spiderman Toys! Spiderman VS Venom Super Heroes Battle Video for kids!

Super Mega Giant Surprise Egg Toy Story Toys Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg with Toys Story toys video for kids

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Thomas and Friends Surprise Egg Train Toys Playtime for Kids

Playtime at the Park with Step2 Thomas & Friends Roller Coaster Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Paw Patrol Power Wheels Surprise Egg Opening!

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Star Wars The Force Awakens Episode 7 Toys for Kids Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg!

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Toys Video for kids

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Super Mega Giant Mickey Mouse Surprise Egg Video for Kids Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg

Giant Egg Surprise Opening Minions and Despicable Me Toys video for kids

Giant Egg Surprise Worlds Biggest Frozen Surprise Egg Elsa and Anna Dolls toys and Giant Olaf

Super Mega Giant Egg Surprise Opening Frozen Videos for Kids with The Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg

Giant Egg Surprise Opening TRANSFORMERS TOYS! Super Mega Giant Transformers Surprise Egg!! World’s BIGGEST SURPRISE EGG EVER!!

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Tamiya TT-01 1:10 Rc Car CRASH !

Tamiya TT-01 1:10 Rc Car CRASH !

A compilation of in game car damage.

Traxxas Slash 4X4

The perfect location. Ideal conditions. These are the ingredients for ideal proving grounds. Unleashing the throttle, Slash 4×4 rides through lush green fields and plows through fresh dirt, showing inherent refinement in every powerful movement. Everything about Slash is high-performance, from its roost-inducing brushless power to the precision-handling of its all-time 4WD platform.

Blasting across brutally rough terrain and soaring gracefully from jump to jump, Slash 4X4’s oil-filled coil-over shocks provide the perfect balance of damping and rebound. Slash 4×4 is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything R/C machine.

For more information on the Slash 4×4 and pricing. Click Here

More nitro RC car bashing

More nitro RC car bashing

a few of us with our nitro rc cars at a skate park.

What’s inside RC Cars?

What’s inside RC Cars?

RC cars are so fun to play with! We wanted to take one apart to see what they look like on the inside. We were able to find what we think are the coolest remote control cars. We played with at 21st century type RC Car, R.E.V. or Robotic Enhanced Vehicles. We could have played with them for days but we cut one open so you can see what it looks like inside.

If you are interested in buying R.E.V. cars go here: http://amzn.to/1PP5HMp

To purchase the R.E.V Jump go here: http://amzn.to/1PP5QiJFilmed in 4k on this camera: http://amzn.to/1UnXI82

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